Thursday, October 6, 2011

TEDxSMU Auditions

On October 11th I'll be giving a short 3 minute presentation: What People Reach For When Things Fall Apart. 

Its part of the TEDxSMU auditions, a chance to be part of the longer presentation/program in December, that's why it's only 3 minutes long. Each of the 13 presenters will have to boil down a 20 minute lecture into a short, concise teaser. Pretty hard when you love talking about your topic.

I'll be talking about how art conservators get a unique opportunity to see how people solve problems. There will be images of duct tape wrapped legs, Candle sticks tied up in red ribbon, pools of glue and of course lots of things nails but not really together.

I asked several members of the North Texas Association for Art Conservation (NTAAC) for photos to include in this presentation. Thanks Melanie at Textile Preservation Services of Texas, Tish at the Center for Art Conservation, and Cher at Art Restorations Inc, your contributions are wonderful.

The event is open to the public. You will help select who goes on to present in December.
More info and tickets click HERE

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